Friday, February 18, 2011

Me and My Baby

 Over the last few years i have meet some very interesting women. I have devoted me life to helping them. its made me learn allot about this world and see it for what it is. Made me humble with the life style i have and realize i have it better than i have thought with most of my own circumstance.witch some have ben brought about by my self . its good to know i have the ability to at least help on other person in the world. I love to draw dont get me wrong but im telling you guys right now i could never do a comic professorially and i would be happy with my life the way i have lived it helping others is just something i would never trade away its the best self sacrifice payment ever. i do hope that all of you one day get to experience  the feeling its something that no art high or refile after drawing for hours could take aways or overcome.

 helping these women have made me see what i truly want in a woman. Seeing them with their children and hearing about what they go trough with their baby dad's has also made me want to be a better man ya know. with the men as well form the what to actually approach a woman and how to treat them as well. seeing women beat for most of my life and i will never do that ever and plan on treating my woman like a queen she is.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From my 100 pages sussiescrow this is just a panel i thought looked cool so i went ahead and put some color on it.