Friday, June 24, 2011

FREE The picture above is to a commission i am working on. i decided not to go with this one because it was just to stationary. Also the story behind it is not their so i just drooped it ,and moved on to the next one. do not forget ladies and genital men i am teaching so please spread the word..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yojimbo page4

last page for the yojimbo stuff. next up would be spider man the scarlet spider to be exact.  ill be adding  gray  tones to this. 

yojimbo page3 rough and pencil

This i the rough and the penciled version of the second to last page. tomorrow i will add tonal and grays to everything . As i go thought these i will write my self and ask others to correct my  work and see if i can catch my flaws. 

yojimbo page2 pencil

yojimbo page2

This is page 2 of the yojimbo thumbnails. keeping my momentum going my goal is to get a couple more pages in maybe even three.   this is the link to my classes so please do not hesitate if you know someone that wants to sing up go for it. Trust me it will be a blast 

pg1 yojimbo pencil

 this is the pencil version of the rough i did earlier. thinking i might add tonal to it to make it pretty.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

yojimbo page1

just the roughs of a pages im doing for yojimbo. i start really looses and then tighten theses sketches up. i do this part on separate paper till i find a page i like. 
A late night sketch done at Alberto's.  really went far on this one for many reasons:1 i don't usually do background i fell because i am good at them i don't need to do them but its quite the opposite.  i also feel i just need more uph!!!! in my art period so im gonna be pushing the background allot more and doing some half rendered full rendered compositions...i also feel i need more sequential on here so im gonna be doing a bunch of sequential in the coming weeks.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

this was the funnest day ever spending it with the best of friend.

here is a link to all their blogs and websites

Friday, June 10, 2011

paint and learn again

 just another crack at the coloring again always learning. Lately i have felt like im getting better and more comfortable with my art ,but at the same time i feel as thought im still drawing like a kid, and i do not have time for that At all. i want to do more i guess i see my friends drawings theni start to fell as though im being left being and inspired at the same time. Then that think skin of mine reminds me that ill always be learning ,and growing so im gonna push even harder until i reach where i want to be.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 Just a sketch i cooked up before i send my butt off to sleep. this was inspired by a movie called yojimbo im soo watching it. not only am i digging the character, but loved the guy so much decide to do this baby. things as of lately seem to be going well got a bunch of event's coming up and i feel like my life is in this....evolving state and so far im falling hard ahha. Though i will not give up got to stay strong and have some faith and give some love like i always do, but be prepared for a daily update all summer long from commission, to just fun stuff.  oh and if you know anybody that would like to join im teaching so please spread the word