Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 Just a sketch i cooked up before i send my butt off to sleep. this was inspired by a movie called yojimbo im soo watching it. not only am i digging the character, but loved the guy so much decide to do this baby. things as of lately seem to be going well got a bunch of event's coming up and i feel like my life is in this....evolving state and so far im falling hard ahha. Though i will not give up got to stay strong and have some faith and give some love like i always do, but be prepared for a daily update all summer long from commission, to just fun stuff.  oh and if you know anybody that would like to join im teaching so please spread the word http://www.rcccommunityed.com/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=23866&int_category_id=2&int_sub_category_id=23&int_catalog_id=0

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