Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rats be nice

Another attempt at the old school look. getting more and moer comfortable with it. As of lately i feel as though i need to expand a bit more take up some water color do some oil painting ,and get my hand's down with some new techniques. In this ditch effort growing and getting more accustom to the thing i love art. So another round of sketch books as well as another round of learning. Another thing too is i feel like i got the whole speed thing down  now i just need to slow down examine, look at what i am doing and really pull all the stuff i have ben doing together i am almost their i just got to refine push trough never giving up. Got to keep moving forward.
Another thing too is i feel like my art is just eh ya know some are wowed while others just pass it by so i feel it is part of my job to make you stop and go oh man i would love something like that in my room or in my house so this is just another way of me saying Draw more and do more things and slow down. 

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