Friday, August 24, 2012

Shake it and break it along with a renew it

        This is another image from my sketch book. The image on the left was referenced in an old national geographic book some man dancing in his underwear. A little more about what was going on at the time when i was drawing this. i was on a good vacation at my girlfriends house i was watching her dog lady she is a lot older than me, and has her own house so i used to kick it their and relax when things got way out of hand at my house. i was also doing extensive research on writing. I think to myself now how much of a fool i am it scares me to think  that i squandered most of my school doing nothing but being a fool. i seriously wish someone had explained to me the gravity of school and how important it is. their were teachers that did but they just kid of said "hey you guys this is important ". my thinking was "yeah the fuck right its one test on literature what dose that show jack squat". Now that i am in this endeavor of doing graphic novels i feel i really should have woken up to this fact your a dumb child that needs to grow up. I was also really pushing the lower half of my anatomy too i really felt like i did not know that much about the legs along with its intricate ways. (Well to all that read this again i do apologize if my grammar, sentence structure is of way off working on it somewhat). 

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