Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hair Mole

Well this is quite a dump. Im blowing off some steam by doing some prints and getting back into the groove staying productive and maturing as a person as well. I've had allot to do these last few weeks.
About the print itself its a bit crazy but hey i like it i worked like forever on it so eh its as good as its gonna get hope it sells. 

These are the lines.

Im still working on a project that i am determined to see trough to the end. Im off to a good start its quite scary doing this but im gonna really have fun with it and just move take my lumps where i may...

Also considering my future trying to figure out if im ready or not to apply to a comic book company. I feel im right at the cusp like 70 percent there.

These drawings i was really proud of. Look forward to doing better ones...

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