Wednesday, January 30, 2013

maleficent face

maleficent sketch for a print.

warm up sketch i did a while back.

some more looses sketches.

done at a grave yard.

I've had a real comic crisis. It seems to me i feel like i lost my direction i know i want to draw comics that's a no brainier, but do i want to be a realistic artist or a stylized one is a better question...Im not sure my "style" (if i have any) is one that is really manifested itself .This has had me beating my head against the wall when will i have a style or do i have one i am building up... it something that i really want to ask all the artist when did you have set symbols and your style really manifest itself? Could you tell? did you know? did you fabricate your style? Agh i don't know just a bunch on my mind.  


  1. I honestly love your drawings. They have a unique quality to them. Though I don't know much about art, I could easily spot yours from a crowd of pictures. But if your talking about style, it's really a question that rocks all artists brains ranging from singing to writers. The only way you get a unique style is if you put you in it. :) but again I don't know much about drawing or art but that's what I have learned about style. :)

    1. Thanks i appreciate that and i think im at that point where i think my style is all of the different voices i inhabit. The characters i become. All these characters have different ways of doing things. Im all these characters and they are me. A million different universe and im trying to explain one. What you said really made me feel good though. ( i really wish they would show when someone comments.)